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Security Lighting Matters

Security lighting is an effective deterrent against criminal activity but it can also be a welcoming feature in any building, welcoming visitors and staff, highlighting features, and providing a safe environment.

We specialise in the design and installation of quality security lighting systems which typically will blend in with your existing architecture and will serve more than one purpose, operating as both a general assistance and offering a security function.

Depending on your requirements, lighting schemes can be designed using existing lighting as well as adding almost any available light fitting to the scheme.  The idea of ugly great floodlights with movement sensors attached is long gone.  Our Commercial security lighting schemes can be adaptable and flexible, offering a zoned function which means that we can incorporate both internal and external lighting to your system.

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Security Lighting Automated

Operation of lighting can be fully automated using a number of different methods – linked via intruder alarm systems, directly controlled via fobs and simple control panels, or timed to operate in certain ways at certain times.

With the advent of reliable LED technology, most of our new systems are designed and installed using LED Security Lighting units now. These offer a whole range of advantages including instant lighting, quality white light which won’t interfere with CCTV Systems, and much reduced running costs, meaning they can be on all night at only around 10% of the cost of traditional lighting.

We can adapt any existing lighting scheme too, with the use of our systems, can turn them into a good security lighting scheme alongside the purpose they were originally installed for. In simple terms, if you can imagine a lighting scheme, we can integrate security control with it, to provide you with the best of all worlds.

Our maintenance teams can also look after any existing or new lighting systems, with the exception of self-contained “floodlight PIR” types – on which our advice is always to consider replacement and upgrade. Customers taking advantage of the AFSS 360 Maintenance Plan will enjoy routine maintenance and reduced parts and labour costs whilst with us.

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Security Lighting Experts – AFSS

AFSS have considerable experience with integration of lighting into security schemes and are always happy to offer further advice and help where needed.

Contact us on 08453 884711 or from your mobile on 03330 884711. Alternatively use our contact page form to find out more about how we can help your business with security lighting.


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